A World of Magic

There are certain organizations that are really making a difference in the Inwood Manhattan community and beyond. Magic Neighbors Theater Company is one such group. They primarily perform in libraries but basically will share their magic virtually anywhere they are needed. They help affirm for kids that magic is real, a feeling that hopefully they will keep as they get older. One thing we can never have enough of in this world is magic.

Manhattan Magician is Still a Member of Magic Neighbors

We have long supported Magic Neighbors and have been to many of their shows. The thing that makes them different is that their presentations are part story and part magic show. In fact, Manhattan Magician holds a book from which he reads, interspersed with the display of magic tricks. And as we understand it, a group called Market Your Journey are acting as consultants for the “Real Magic” aspect. Magic Neighbors are always the pioneers!

A Big Thumbs Up to Organizations that Support Magic Neighbors

We know that it is tough to keep a company like Magic Neighbors going, so we are thrilled that they are finding assistance through How to Get New Customers. This new resource assists those who need help doing something that is making a difference in their neighborhood and community.

Magic Neighbors is a Community Forum

A factor of Magic Neighbors is the way they open up their process for possible participation from all. They appreciate any input and from what we’ve been told have at times had great impact from the ideas presented.

Changing the Lives of Kids

It’s no surprise that Magic Neighbors is at times literally continuing on fumes as donations are hard to come by. Now that the fiscally sponsored organization Lights Camera Read is no longer able to provide them with capital, Magic Neighbors is really existing on the pure love of theater and changing the lives of kids through performance.

Mission is Important

Additional ways you can support Magic Neighbors is through volunteering either behind the scenes or even as an actor. They are always looking for new participants in this area and even if you are short on theater training Magic Neighbors will likely give you a chance. This is because they are looking more for people who believe in their mission of making a difference in the lives of kids than you having to be a very experienced performer. Market Your Journey have recently volunteered.

Magic Through and Through

Always optimistic Magic Neighbors feels that 2020 is going to be a great year for them and we agree. They are most happy when they are making a difference and we know they will. Thank you Magic Neighbors for you terrific contribution to the community! You truly are magic!