Learning Remotely with Laptop

Remote Education

As a parent during COVID I noticed that some businesses, both large and small, took the issue of being housebound and having to work remotely, as well as students having to study via computer. We were lucky in that the school we worked with figured out quickly how to make remote learning work. In national news there were lots of reports of education failing. We were grateful to not have to deal with that.

Other Types of Remote Education Did Well Too

Online courses popped up everywhere, some from big companies, others from entrepreneurs and even solopreneurs. In fact, interestingly, some of the most popular and successful courses were ones that taught individuals how to create and offer their own courses. The dream was to develop an education product, get it on the market, and then lean back and let the dollars roll in.

Some Video Course Providers Did Well

The hopeful emerging entrepreneurs believed that their course would sell. And when it did not, they became confused. Why did this approach not work for them? For some course creators they had not created a course that filled a need for those who could not get information. Those making videos that taught what a small audience really wanted that had not been done, did well.

Course Creators with Educational Materials for Parents and Kids

Because of the motivation by parents to do what is best for their kids, the creators who developed products with value and insight to their audience succeeded. Parents, on behalf of their kids, were happy to see material that taught something while at the same time was fun and entertaining.

Big Video Producers and Why Many of them Won

The really big brands knew just how to appeal to the parents who in turn would purchase video education products. Brands that were around when the parents were kids, did well because of nostalgia. Parents remembered how much they had enjoyed this kind of content when they were young and now wanted to share it with their kids.


Creating educational videos can be much like any other kind of product. Many big producers of kids’ materials can use parent familiarity of their work to their advantage. For smaller creators with virtually no budget to speak of, were not able to leverage history. But some did succeed, and their secret to success is what any good entrepreneur understands, which is to offer something the audience will like but has not done. In other words, get there first!