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“Present an Event” Gets Involved with the Development of the “Be Good AI” Awards

The Future is Here Now!

The “Ask AI Guy” who is part AI and part human, is working on putting together the “Be Good AI” Awards and has been working with “Present an Event” to integrate AI Marketing Tools into the process.

The “Ask AI Guy” believes that it is vital that as many people as possible start to become a part of the solution rather than the problem, when it comes to the fear of AI and where it could lead. He believes that our collective mind state is what can make the difference between a positive or negative turn down the pike. But what about “Present an Event?”

Here’s where the remarkable business service of Present an Event comes into the picture, working with the “Ask AI Guy” by adding a dash of magic and wonder at every step of the process, transforming the ‘Be Good AI’ Awards from just an event to an unforgettable experience.

When extracting and understanding the prevailing sentiments in the community about ethical AI usage, Present an Event makes it even more engaging. They create lively visualizations from the data generated by tools like Google’s Cloud AutoML. These visuals, presented in fun and interactive ways, make understanding complex AI trends feel like a walk in the park!

As we refine the mission statement of the awards with the help of IBM’s Watson Tone Analyzer, Present an Event is right there to help shape the message. They ensure the mission statement is communicated in a compelling and upbeat manner, making it resonate with our community and potential participants. The “Be Good AI” Awards is going to be terrific indeed with a thriving community!

During the formation of the organizing committee, Present an Event jumps in to make the recruitment process a delight. They add a pinch of joy to the proceedings by organizing virtual meet-and-greet events and workshops, boosting morale and team spirit from the get-go.

When it’s time to define award categories, Present an Event facilitates brainstorming sessions. They provide an engaging and productive environment where ideas flow freely and every voice is heard. They use tools like RapidMiner to make these sessions more data-driven and productive.

As we employ SurveyMonkey for an inclusive and unbiased nomination process, Present an Event infuses it with fun. They design entertaining and interactive surveys, encouraging a higher participation rate and making the nomination process a joyous activity.

During the judging process, Present an Event ensures it is not just fair, but also enjoyable. They add fun elements to the scoring model on Zoho’s CRM, making it a pleasure for judges to evaluate entries.

In planning the award ceremony, Present an Event collaborates with Azure AI to bring you an event to remember. They not only optimize scheduling but also bring life to the virtual world, designing a stunning and immersive environment with VRChat that leaves everyone in awe.

During the promotion phase, Present an Event supercharges the reach of HubSpot’s AI tools. They create fun and catchy promotional content that resonates with the audience, making them eager to be a part of the ‘Be Good AI’ Awards.

In the post-award follow-up with Zendesk, Present an Event ensures that the winners and participants are treated like VIPs. They design engaging newsletters and celebratory messages, keeping the joy of the event alive and kicking!

Lastly, in building and nurturing the community, Present an Event takes Hootsuite’s analytics and crafts personalized experiences. They foster a sense of belonging and warmth in the community, making everyone feel valued, heard, and, most importantly, part of an amazing ethical AI journey. The ‘Be Good AI’ Awards, with Present an Event, are more than an awards ceremony – they’re a celebration of ethics, AI, and community!