Time to plan school supplies and more for the next school year!

Finally a Solution

We vented quite a bit last time regarding middle school placement for 6th grade and now several months later we have found a solution. In fact, in part, the reason we haven’t been updating this blog has a lot to do with M.S.A.D. (Middle School Application Distraction).

Schools Near Inwood Manhattan

Don’t get us wrong, we love Inwood Manhattan, but sometimes one wishes with a wave of the magician’s wand, this process could be over. In truth, it wasn’t until April when school selections were unveiled that relief was found. But frankly, that’s just the beginning of the next phase which is calling the school you wanted to have your child get into and hope that a slot opens up because someone who’s child had been accepted there decides to move on.

A Decision is Made!

Such was our story and ironically we ultimately did not accept offers from city schools but went with a Charter School instead!