Manhattan Kids Guide Early Content Lost

Website Written Content Lost but Videos Remain The first version of the “Manhattan Kids Guide” website was started back in June 2009 and was originally created using the now antiquated Dreamweaver software. Then in 2018 this website was transitioned to the more modern format of WordPress. Unfortunately, somehow in the transition, all the original content […]

Things We Do During the Pandemic

COVID-19 Blues With my wife and our 11 year old daughter we started our lockdown early on March 8, 2020. The date now is July 5th, the day after Independence Day. Ironically we have been independent of much of the world for the last 119 days. After day 100 I went outside solo with a […]

How to Start a Children’s Theater Company

How Do Some Perceive Children’s Theater? Starting a children’s theater company means that you are taking on special work. Many perceive children’s theater as nothing more than a group that performs story characters, possibly borrowed from a popular kids book, who act in an extreme and silly manner. Many write off childrens theater as nothing […]

Fun Things to do in NYC

Manhattan is a Playground We live in Inwood Manhattan but frequently travel all over this amazing metropolis doing all kinds of activities. Manhattan is an amazing playground for families with everything under the sun. Some activities cost money whereas many do not. The great thing is that many of the activities are educational yet fun […]