Why Present an Event in Person?

Among other things, an in person event is an opportunity to bring together like minded people to be able to interact with each other about a topic, goal, interest and more. Even though, due to technology, there has been a redefining of what the concept of event means, there is a reason many people in […]

Present an Event with Some Help from AI

The digital era requires businesses to consistently ‘Present an Event’ that captivates their audience. The AI Marketing YOU process is a transformative approach that infuses new life into this endeavor. By generating unique insights, automating tasks, predicting trends, and offering personalized experiences, it reinvents traditional promotional practices, providing a competitive edge and attracting customers who […]

“AI Showcase: Present an Event Built Openly with AI”

Webinars and live streams have become an increasingly popular tool for businesses of all sizes to connect with their audiences, especially in an era when physical attendance is not always possible. Publications like “Present an Event” emphasize the importance of these virtual platforms, suggesting that they can help create a sense of togetherness and engagement, […]

The Meaning of Events

Events have always played a pivotal role in human society. They serve as a means to bring people together, foster connections, and build communities. Through these gatherings, we can share experiences and form bonds that transcend geographical boundaries and cultural differences. Today, with technological advancements, events can be both in-person and remote, allowing us to […]

Remote or in Person Events?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a significant shift in the way people conduct their daily activities, including how they attend events. More and more, what were once live events are now moving online, and this trend continues to occur even now when things have been easing up. In fact even METHOD HOW has moved to […]

Remote Education’s Connection to Community Marketing

Remote Education As a parent during COVID I noticed that some businesses, both large and small, took the issue of being housebound and having to work remotely, as well as students having to study via computer. We were lucky in that the school we worked with figured out quickly how to make remote learning work. […]

This is What is Happening in New York

It’s enough here in Manhattan we’re having to follow protocol regarding COVED (that many are rejecting such as not wearing a mask etc.), but now one of the biggest issues in New York City torture is the flip flopping decision as to whether or not to teach our kids remote or hybrid? We’ve been very […]