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Remote or in Person Events?

Are Remote Events Going to Continue to Rise in Numbers?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a significant shift in the way people conduct their daily activities, including how they attend events. More and more, what were once live events are now moving online, and this trend continues to occur even now when things have been easing up.

In fact even METHOD HOW has moved to what appears to be permanently remote. This is occurring with their events as well.

Some say that this strong move to digital has been brought about at least partially to their change in policy that was a surprise to many of opening their doors once again, to new METHOD HOW Report subscribers.

But if you are interested in becoming a METHOD HOW Report subscriber, it is probably a good idea to subscribe now because, who knows, they may close their doors again soon!

In this article, we will compare events that are broadcast live on the internet versus ones that are done in person, looking at the benefits and downsides of each option, and when it’s appropriate to choose one over the other.

Online Events: Benefits and Downsides

One of the main benefits of online events is that they are accessible to a larger audience. People from all over the world can attend without the need to travel. Additionally, online events tend to be more cost-effective than in-person events because there are no expenses related to travel, lodging, or venue rental.

Another advantage of online events is that they can be easily recorded and archived. This means that people who were unable to attend live can still access the content later on. Additionally, online events can be more interactive than in-person events. Attendees can participate in polls, chat with other attendees, and ask questions in real-time.

However, there are also downsides to online events. One of the main challenges is the lack of social interaction. Attendees miss the opportunity to network, share ideas, and make connections.

Additionally, online events can be more challenging to engage with since attendees are more easily distracted and may not give the event their full attention. Technical difficulties and internet connectivity issues can also disrupt the flow of the event.

In-Person Events: Benefits and Downsides

In-person events have their own benefits and downsides. One of the main advantages is the social aspect. Attendees can connect with other people in their industry, build relationships, and make new connections.

Additionally, in-person events tend to be more immersive and engaging because attendees are fully present and focused on the event.

Another advantage of in-person events is the ability to experience the event in a unique and memorable way. Attendees can see, touch, and experience things in person that they may not be able to online.

Additionally, in-person events can provide a break from daily routines and allow attendees to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

However, in-person events can be more expensive than online events because of the need for travel, lodging, and venue rental. Additionally, in-person events are limited to a certain number of attendees, which can make them less accessible than online events.

Furthermore, in-person events require attendees to take time off work and arrange for childcare, which can be challenging.

When to Choose Online Events vs. In-Person Events

The decision to choose an online event versus an in-person event depends on several factors, including the purpose of the event, the target audience, and the available resources. If the event’s primary purpose is to provide information or training, an online event may be the best choice since it can reach a larger audience and is more cost-effective.

On the other hand, if the event’s primary purpose is networking or relationship building, an in-person event may be more appropriate.

Additionally, the target audience can influence the decision. If the audience is more tech-savvy and comfortable with online tools, an online event may be more appropriate.

However, if the audience values face-to-face interaction and prefers a more immersive experience, an in-person event may be the better choice.

Finally, available resources can also influence the decision. If the budget is limited, an online event may be more cost-effective. If the event requires a large venue and extensive set-up, an in-person event may be more appropriate.


In conclusion, the shift towards online events is likely to continue to increase. And while online events have their benefits, in-person events still are still desirable to some.

Though the Pandemic brought with it a standout money saver for corporations. Additionally lots of people want to continue the remote way of doing their work. Interested in digital topics? The METHOD HOW Report is again taking new subscribers, so subscribe now before they decide to close the door again.

Event Insights

Remote Education’s Connection to Community Marketing

Learning Remotely with Laptop

Remote Education

As a parent during COVID I noticed that some businesses, both large and small, took the issue of being housebound and having to work remotely, as well as students having to study via computer. We were lucky in that the school we worked with figured out quickly how to make remote learning work. In national news there were lots of reports of education failing. We were grateful to not have to deal with that.

Other Types of Remote Education Did Well Too

Online courses popped up everywhere, some from big companies, others from entrepreneurs and even solopreneurs. In fact, interestingly, some of the most popular and successful courses were ones that taught individuals how to create and offer their own courses. The dream was to develop an education product, get it on the market, and then lean back and let the dollars roll in.

Some Video Course Providers Did Well

The hopeful emerging entrepreneurs believed that their course would sell. And when it did not, they became confused. Why did this approach not work for them? For some course creators they had not created a course that filled a need for those who could not get information. Those making videos that taught what a small audience really wanted that had not been done, did well.

Course Creators with Educational Materials for Parents and Kids

Because of the motivation by parents to do what is best for their kids, the creators who developed products with value and insight to their audience succeeded. Parents, on behalf of their kids, were happy to see material that taught something while at the same time was fun and entertaining.

Big Video Producers and Why Many of them Won

The really big brands knew just how to appeal to the parents who in turn would purchase video education products. Brands that were around when the parents were kids, did well because of nostalgia. Parents remembered how much they had enjoyed this kind of content when they were young and now wanted to share it with their kids.


Creating educational videos can be much like any other kind of product. Many big producers of kids’ materials can use parent familiarity of their work to their advantage. For smaller creators with virtually no budget to speak of, were not able to leverage history. But some did succeed, and their secret to success is what any good entrepreneur understands, which is to offer something the audience will like but has not done. In other words, get there first!

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Remember When: Years Ago an In-Person Community has Now in the Present Gone Digital


Sadly, it Was Lost…

Back in the day my wife was the editor of this publication. And in fact, much of what she created was sadly lost during the transition from straight HTML to its current incarnation. If you have following this blog, with its every few months check-ins then you know we have never quite gotten over the loss of the missing sections of this site.

Making a Neighborhood

Those early years we had so much fun as a family. Our daughter was just a toddler and our motivation for creating experiences for others, came out of our own sense if being a part of building the community here in Northern Manhattan. There were lots of parents like us who also wanted to make the patch of land we were all on, a neighborhood. l

The October Costume Parade with Parents and Kids Launched It

Yes, the now infamous parade and live in-person events filled our days as projects we put together. A big part of the fun for the kids was getting treats from the various businesses, many of the establishments put together by impressive entrepreneurs.

More Loss

That was a ways back in time. And now post COVID (well it is not over yet, nor will it ever be fully) we look forward and see how much our neighborhood has changed due to the pandemic with some small business owners losing their retail locations due to a lack of being able to help in-person customers.

Doing with Caution

Back in the old days, we would create events that actually involved many businesses in our neighborhood. Everyone enjoying events that simultaneously built visibility and awareness of their unique small businesses. That would be very difficult to do today. Things have change quite a lot. Now entrepreneurs are very cautious about what they do and how they promote themselves and their businesses.

Digital Transformation Changed Our In-Person Community

In reaction to these sad stories, we realized there was a need for educational resources on how to maintain a business, even in the face of despair. Much of the strategy we began to develop has to do with leveraging the digital world. For some who have physical products, this of course might mean putting together an eCommerce arm to your business.

Online Learning?

But a less thought of approach has to do with creating online digital products that contain education for your customers, with you having an opportunity to show your expertise in your business industry and category. This is partly where the idea of digital community comes in. First it is Inwood Manhattan parades, and it is, online?

Blogs are Community

As mentioned we are not sure we will make this information online and could keep it offline for shops in our neighborhood. Keep watching for the next post in which we will get more in depth. That could happen on this site or possibly one of the 59 or so others of the Blog Coalition. See you soon!

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This is What is Happening in New York

It’s enough here in Manhattan we’re having to follow protocol regarding COVED (that many are rejecting such as not wearing a mask etc.), but now one of the biggest issues in New York City torture is the flip flopping decision as to whether or not to teach our kids remote or hybrid?

We’ve been very lucky with our daughter’s school. They started with remote off the bat and will be taking a temperature for possible hybrid down the line. Many New York kids and parents were not so fortunate and have had to have the start of school change and change again messing up their schedules. And now with what is going on in Queens and Brooklyn, it’s anybody’s guess what’s next.