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Manhattan Kids Guide Early Content Lost

Website Written Content Lost but Videos Remain

The first version of the “Manhattan Kids Guide” website was started back in June 2009 and was originally created using the now antiquated Dreamweaver software. Then in 2018 this website was transitioned to the more modern format of WordPress. Unfortunately, somehow in the transition, all the original content dating from 2009 to 2018 was lost! Though, there remains remnants of the early days of the publication, such as videos scattered throughout YouTube including this one that documented the Lights Camera Read parade that occurred back in November 2009.



We have been fortunate throughout the years, to have received much support and positive feedback from those we live near, here in Northern Manhattan. This can be seen in various videos scattered throughout YouTube of various events we created throughout the years starting with the 2009 costume parade and including library shows we performed for the local community. We were also lucky to have received much local press including the local publication, the “Manhattan Times.”

Happy Memories

When my wife and I started this community building process in Inwood Manhattan in 2009, our daughter was a toddler. During the 2009 costume parade of kids and parents that my wife and I organized, our daughter’s participation was being pushed in her carriage while dressed as a lamb.

Time Flies

Our daughter will become a teen this year and as parents, my wife and I see ourselves focusing on how to best be there for her during these Pandemic times. Issues include remote learning, online socialization and other web processes and challenges. Thankfully, our daughter is flourishing in her online activities that she accesses through her Chromebook that her school provided.