Being a Dad

All In

Being a dad is a great thing. In taking on the responsibility of raising a childĀ  it has to be an “all in” kind of a commitment. You are constantly in awe of the growth of your child and are tuned into what they need at any given time in their development.

Nature Versus Nurture?

The nature versus nurture question comes up constantly. How much does your input as a father impact a kid and how much is just an inherent a personality component of her or him? Going through the experience I’d have to say both.

Hands Off Versus Guidance?

There are ways that my child is very much her own person, with incredible traits that I can’t recognize in myself or my wife. These are things I give her space on and let her grow into ideas without interference by me. I have to admit I use “teaching moments” but I try not to bring too much attention to the fact I am passing on insights. In short, I parent with a hands off on things that are happening developmentally with her that are working out well, but step in when some guidance seems necessary. Something must be working out because she is an amazing human being!