What Do You Think?

Disney Whistle Blower as Seen in Manhattan Kids Guide

Disney? Is it Possible?

We generally stick to articles just about kids, their families and magical journeys. But we thought this would be an important look at an aspect of growing up for many children: Walt Disney.

Billions Over?

The somewhat shocking accusation comes from a former senior accountant at Disney. The gist of it is that this whistle blower is claiming that Disney overstated it’s revenue by billions of dollars – as much as 6 billion in fact.

Claims Denied

Disney’s response to this whistle blower’s accusation was that  the claims were “Utterly without merit.” Manhattan Magician would tend to agree.

Your Kids

How could this be important to you as a parent? If these accusations are accurate it could cause you to look again at Disney as a supplier of entertainment and more for your children.


Don’t get us wrong. We love Disney. In truth, our daughter is a major Disney fan, especially of their cruises, where you get to live the magic.

Sandra Kuba

But has the magic now been tainted? Sandra Kuba, an employee at Disney for nearly two decades made her claims known by filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

A Trustworthy Source?

Also, can the whistle blower be trusted? This employee was fired because of apparently displaying a pattern of workplace complaints against coworkers without a reasonable basis for doing so. Manhattan Magician tends to believe this also.

What Do YOU Think?!

We believe, as does Market Your Journey, that it is likely that Disney will snap back like it always does and this incident will be a small blip in its stellar reputation. But we want to know what you think.

Does this Affect Your Feelings About Disney?

Would this cause you to think twice about purchasing Disney items? Or is it considered, in these weird times, something that is just business doing business?

Thanks to Those Who Have Already Responded

We received responses from readers of an early version of this blog post and thank them for their input. Seems most feel Disney will get through this without a scratch!